Battle Boattle 2

Battle Boattle 2

This is an interesting and funny naval shooter game
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Battle Boattle is a funny naval shooter where you control a tiny boat. You will need to fulfill different missions in this game.
First you need to select the game mode you want to play: you may choose the campaign, duel or battle mode. The campaign mode takes you to complete different missions, but at the beginning you will have to pass several tests. In the first level you should collect all the objects to complete the mission. Then you pass to the safety test where you should also collect objects but at the same time avoid touching torpedoes, or your boat will be destroyed. After you are done with the safety test you can run an armed vessel, your mission will be to eliminate sharks. In the next levels you should protect your boats from the enemy boats, and so on.

If you want to fight against the computer or another player you can select the duel mode. The battle mode allows you to create your own team, which will fight against the enemy’s team. You will be allowed to adjust the difficulty level, control settings and sound settings. The graphics of the game are not very impressive but the game itself is pretty addictive.

Damir Buzikov
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